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Volkswagen Black Beetle Commercial Teaser

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Volkswagen Black Beetle Commercial Teaser

VW is set to air two ads during Super Bowl XLV, one of which is a teaser for the 2012 Beetle. The new Beetle, of which official photos haven't been released, still isn't shown in the commercial - rather, the car is symbolized by a racing-striped real beetle, roaring across a CGI forest floor. According to spy shots which have made wide rounds on the web, the 2012 Beetle resembles a cross between the current New Beetle and a bloated Porsche 356 - not too shocking considering the fact that there's been a plethora of talk on creating crossover vehicles now that Volkswagen is merging with Porsche. Whatever the car ends up being or looking like, it's a fun commercial, and further proof that the sure winners at every super bowl are the agencies who get the advertising jobs. Check out the Black Beetle teaser after the jump.