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Creative Recreation Kaplan

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Kaplan 2

After two years of hiatus, Creative Recreation is bringing back the Kaplan out from hiding. It is perfectly suitable for the Spring/Summer 2011 season and its wide array of colors make them appealing and wearable. Basic vulcanized silhouette is stripped down even further for weight reduction and breathability. Mesh materials are used plentifully on the uppers and the Kaplan comes in the primary colors, red, blue and yellow, along side green, white, black, jute and camo colorways. For occasions where flip flops might be considered touch under dressed, the Kaplan will happily take its place in style. Currently these are available at authorized dealers of Creative Recreation footwear.


Kaplan Yellow

Kaplan White

Kaplan Red

Kaplan Jute

Kaplan Green

Kaplan Camo

Kaplan Blue

Kaplan Black