Levi's Vintage - Made & Crafted Collection


The inspiration for this collection of Levi's Vintage Made & Crafted collection are the scores of everyday workers who helped to craft Mount Rushmore. During the 14 year period of the crafting of the mount, over 400 people helped to chisel the stone into the masterpiece it still is today. The workers wore their garments down, but they were built to last, as are the pieces in this collection. White and blue one-pocket oxfords with rounded pockets cover the shirting, while split-backed 9oz. selvedge denim appears on a pair of 1878 pantaloons. A 1951 pair of 501s features a sturdy design and shrink to fit feature (which I'm not sure if the stone workers had the option of on their pairs) and contrast stitching. So while you may not be scaling down Lincoln's brow in your 501s, these work just fine on the asphalt or in the office as well. This collection is available now at Slam Jam.