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adidas Originals MEGA Torsion XTH

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Similar to the previously mentioned adidas Originals MEGA Softcell BHM, the MEGA Torsion XTH for Spring/Summer 2011 follows the same spirit of the MEGA Collection – not just merely an updated version of the adidas Originals classic Torsion line, but a complete re-imagining of adidas Originals trademarked technology. In this new execution, the Torsion bar on the outsole is not only larger, but more well placed for a rapid responsiveness. Yet, its inclusion does not alter the look of MEGA Torsion XTH’s appearance, in effect, creating an ideal footwear for both on the court performance or off the court mingling. The adidas Originals MEGA Torsion XTH will be available in the coming weeks at select adidas Originals retailers and adids stores worldwide.

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