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Oakley - Spring/Summer 2011 High Function Line

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Combination Sweater 2

Now in their fifth season, the High Function Line from Oakley maintains its innovative approach and the Spring/Summer 2011 collection shows no sign of it slowing down. Each item is full of technical enhancements and are more than adequate for the streets. All of the Re Field Jackets, Re AP Vests, Combination Sweaters, Translucent Pants and Expand Pants are all made from water resistant materials that is also highly breathable. It goes without saying that all of the pieces are equipped with ample pockets and compartments that would make the SWAT team happy. Additionally, each item is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, increasing visual appeal and practicality. via: hayabusa

Re Field Jacket 3

Re Field Jacket

Re Field Jacket 2

Re AP Vest

Re AP Vest 2

Combination Sweater

Combination Sweater 3

Fluorescence T-Shirt

Fluorescence T-Shirt 2

Translucent Pant

Translucent Pant 2

Expand Pant

Expand Pant 2