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Billionaire Boys Club – February 2011 | Delivery 2

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After the initial shock wore off, people begin to ponder about NIGO‘s other partnership, BBC Ice Cream, and whether it will relegate to the same fate as BAPE. Certainly the economic slow down has affect the label’s growth, but during his interview with WWD, NIGO expressed a more involved role in his partnership with Pharrell Williams as ownership of BAPE transfers to I.T Ltd. of Hong Kong. Even if the final outcome is still indefinite, fans of the label can still expect bewildering patterns and materials like the Blastivo Jacket, a sports coat from the future with it denim body and contemporary Native American print. In a bit subtle context, there is B Club B’ Jersey Training Jacket, BBC’s interpretation of the track jacket. Finally, a logo tee ironically named Perspective Logo. With all that have happened during the last few days, NIGO definitely gained a new point of view. February 2011’s 2nd delivery will take place this Thursday, February 10th at Ice Cream flagship in Harajuku, Tokyo and followed by other BBC Ice Cream retail locations.

Ice Cream Store

4-28-22 Jingumae | Map

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan