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Dr. Romanelli's Military Collection for UNITE 2011

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Dr. Romanelli has been busy in 2011: the noted brand and clothing alchemist took on full curatorial duties at the PROJECT trade show in January, not only creating a museum-grade installation to bring life to his Beetle Bailey theme for the show, but also creating a full collection of jackets for the show, along with a re-engineered Chuck Taylor, and a microsite to support the whole thing. Dr. Romanelli has also been busy with a series of projects for Massachusetts boutique UNITE. Romanelli and the store's founder, Jovan James, have worked on several collaborative projects over the past few years, including the Hickory backpack collection; now Romanelli has released a collection of military-inspired jackets which revisit some of his earlier and most popular work, the RECONSTRUCT collection done with Nike. As Romanelli says, these jackets "...are a hybrid between the RECONSTRUCT collection and vintage military one offs." The jackets, which are exclusive to UNITE, cover a wide range of military influences; the standard array of camouflage and vintage leathers are joined by pieces of backpacks melded into the pieces. The collection also includes a number of brighter styles, incorporating military-grade nylon fabrics. All are finished with a satin interior, with Riri zippers for the primary closures, and vintage Scovill zippers worked into secondary zips. Check out all of the pieces after the jump, and visit UNITE for availability information.


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