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Creative Recreation Cicero | Fall 2011

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creative recreation fall 2011 cicero

New York Fashion Week starts today, and there is quite a bit of focus on what the important color trends will be for Fall 2011. Pantone has released it's palette of "the" colors, and at least one colorway of the Creative Recreation Cicero matches up pretty well. The Cicero is arguably one of the most fashion forward offerings from the shoe maker to date; while Creative Recreation built a name by catering to the high-top sneaker crowd, the Cicero shows an eye towards innovative fashion. The Cicero starts with the high top profile, but it's upper incorporates a webbing underlay, and interesting materials. And of course the most notable feature is an oversized insulated removable ankle cuff. Again, there is a solid black version, but the more interesting of the two available colorways based on a brown leather (in Pantone teminology, somewhere between Coffee Liqueúr and Nougat). The leather is laid over a brown wool base, which is the same material used in the insulated ankle cuff. It's both a versatile and innovative shoe, wearable from September through March. Check out both versions after the jump, and stay tuned for release information.

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