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Lotus Evora by Mansory

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lotus evora by mansory 2

Among auto enthusiasts, Lotus stands out for a few reasons. The British maker, founded in 1948, has built a following based on cars aimed solidly at the performance driving enthusiast; when faced with the question of creature comforts weighed against on-track performance, the company has typically chosen the latter. The vehicles aren't bare bones kit cars, but they are geared towards the weekend track warrior, and owning the winding road. In recent years though, new blood has been infused into the company, with new models planned, including the Evora. The Evora, in it's natural state, represents a radical facelift to the mid-engine 2+2s that have been the speedy bread and butter of Lotus. And ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Lotus is vying for attention by partnering with Mansory on a limited edition of the Evora. Mansory is known for applying huge amounts of carbon fiber to already high performance vehicles; the results are often negligible performance upgrades, with substantial sacrifices in design elegance. But for the Evora project, Mansory keeps things relatively tasteful, with the primary exterior modifications consisting of a carbon fiber roof, fascia, sideskirts, rear spoiler, and vents. Only two teaser images have been released; we may have to wait until March, when the Geneva Show kicks off, for more. Check out the front view after the jump. via: Autoblog.

lotus evora by mansory