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nanamica – Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

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Japanese select store and in house brand nanamica takes its name from a Japanese phrase ‘home of the seven seas’. It strives to design and produce timeless pieces and nanamica was around long before the outdoor and mountaineering trend flooded the fashion scene. Another interesting fact is that nanamica exclusively produces The North Face Purple Label collection, so we all know they are on point. In terms of their own in house products, the latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection should give an indication of their dedication to high quality and high technology. Several of the outerwear takes advantage of Gore-Tex materials and patterned in the classic mountaineering silhouettes for authenticity. Visit the Norsestore online store as they currently have the first delivery pieces in stock.

Cruiser Jacket Gore Tex

Jacquard Knit Jacket

Field Jacket Gore Tex Sand Beige

Field Jacket Gore Tex Indigo

Wind Shirt

Round Collar Wind Shirt

Cycling Pack Indigo

Cycling Pack Navy