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UNDFTD + CONS Poor Man Weapon Burgundy Capsule

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Much of the news around James Bond of UNDFTD has been generated by his high profile projects for adidas Originals. But on February 15th, the sneaker world gets a reminder that one of the favorite and most successful UNDFTD sneaker collaborations is with Converse, and the Poor Man Weapon. With five past collaborations, including Navy, Gunmetal Gray, Black, and Olive versions, UNDFTD and Converse are teaming up again on a Burgundy capsule collection. The UNDFTD Poor Man Weapon features the Black Flag-inspired UNDFTD logo on the outsole, and in a patch at the tongue, and the burgundy outer is set off nicely by an orange gold lining. The capsule collection is filled out this time around by a tote bag and a MA-1 jacket, both in matching burgundy with the same lining. The collection is timed to coincide with the (capsule) show in Las Vegas, which opens February 15th at the Venetian Hotel and will be available in at UNFTD LV next Tuesday February, at UNDFTD LA, SM, and SL on February 18th, and online on Monday, February 21st. Check out the whole collection after the jump.

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 1

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 2

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 3

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 4

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 5

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 6

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 7

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 8

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 9

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 10

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 11

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 12

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 13

UNDFTD_PMW_Burgundy_Capsule 14