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PARABELLUM - Archer Tote Bag

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Archer Tote Bag 2

A true believer of unparalleled craftsmanship, PARABELLUM is on course to change the mentality of the fast fashion industry. Each items produced by the Californian leather brand have their starts as carefully selected Reservation Bison leather, one of the richest and softest leathers in the world. Complimenting the rugged black Bison leathers, a vegetable tanned Lamb Skin that lines the interior of the Archer tote bag. Kevlar insert for strength and durability, this tote bag theoretically will last you for a lifetime. The length of the straps can be adjusted to accommodate either over your shoulder or as a tote for hand-carry. Removable hardbound base provides rigidity when necessary and flexibility when taken out.

Archer Tote Bag

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Archer Tote Bag 4
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