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adidas Originals MEGA Softcell BHL

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Finally, the last of the product updates for adidas Originals MEGA Softcell Collection isn't all that familiar. The Softcell BHL bear resemblance to the forementioned Softcell RL with its oversize Softcell unit at the heel. The similarities end there, however. A semi-rigid overlay along the midsole gives additional lateral support.  It also clue-in any observant sneakerhead that the Softcell BHL is actually a low top basketball sneaker.  Because the nature of basketball as a contact sport, designers at adidas Originals relegate to using a most leather construct rather than a lightweight mesh variant found on the Softcell RL. Otherwise, all features on the BHL are nearly identical to the RL and Softcell RH.

Style: G20561
Color: White/White/Infrared

Style: G21281
Color: Black/Black/Fairway

adidas-originals-mega-softcell-bhl-022 Digit Serial Number

adidas-originals-mega-softcell-bhl-032 Digit Serial Number

adidas-originals-mega-softcell-bhl-042 Digit Serial Number

adidas-originals-mega-softcell-bhl-052 Digit Serial Number

adidas-originals-mega-softcell-bhl-062 Digit Serial Number

adidas-originals-mega-softcell-bhl-072 Digit Serial Number