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Jordan Brand - Dominate Another Day: Gadgets | Video

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jordan brand dominate another day video

If the interchangeable soles that are one of the key features of the Air Jordan 2011 are still a little confusing, let Kevin Hart take another shot at explaining their specific functionalities. Jordan Brand had Hart, playing the quintessential nerd, introduce the different insoles in a commercial a few weeks ago, and now he takes another shot at it, explaining the performance qualities to Dwayne Wade. The video takes place in the "H's Tech Lab," (location undisclosed), and Hart plays the role of Q to Dwayne Wade's 007. Plus, it's got DW dribbling around robotic flak, and dunking through whirring razor hoops. So it's pretty wild; worth a watch for students of marketing, Dwayne Wade fans, or fans of the new AJ 2011. Check out the video after the jump.