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McLaren MP4-12C - Official Performance Data | Video

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mclaren mp412c summary

We've covered the McLaren MP4-12C; now McLaren Automotive TV has released an official performance test video - and it's a great vicarious watch. The video primarily highlights the on-track experience of the MP4-12C, showing both the mechanical and driver-interface features in action - the air brake wing in action, the brake steer kicking the rear axle around the corners, etc. The video also shows the performance statistics being put into action - both exterior and cockpit shots as the carbon beast rockets from 0 to 200kph in 8.9 seconds (the cockpit shot also goes on to capture the speedometer as the car hits an insane 309kph). For the CAD fans, the video shows some naked chassis and engine shots, and to boost the fun factor, there are shots of the test drivers having the times of their lives. Plus a bit of gratuitous snowy track drifting; all in all, definitely worth watching. Check out the video after the jump.