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Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) Chaos Edition 2011

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Another model iteration brings another Chaos Edition of the Kobe Bryant signature model. The Kobe V was released in a Chaos pack in 2009, which was inspired by The Joker - made larger-than-life by The Dark Knight, and all of the accompanying drama. The shoe itself was wild too - a metallic eggplant upper, set off by white and lime green, with blood-like splatters on the outsole. This year's version sticks to The Joker inspired colors, but is made a bit more wild by the signature snakeskin texture the Kobe VI is known for. Another change that makes this year's Chaos Edition is the sockliner in Challenge Red. Definitely a standout, even among the deluge of special edition Kobe shoes being released (and among the broader avalanche of Nike Basketball shoes that always pop out of the woodwork around All Star Game season). The Kobe VI Chaos Edition is available in limited quantities from Marquee Sole. Check out images after the jump, and decide if it lives up to it's predecessor.