2012 Audi A8 L High Security


The 2012 A8 L is a pretty safe vehicle: the base model includes a night vision assistant with pedestrian detection and warning, electronic stabilization control, Audi's Pre-Sense monitor, which alerts drivers to potential hazards, extensive airbags, etc. But if you're expecting driving risks beyond fender benders - say, automatic weapons fire, explosions, or gas/chemical weapons attack - the A8 L High Security has you covered. Like the standard A8, the Security is equipped with four-zone climate control, Bose audio, a TV tuner, and two individual rear seats with power adjustments, with optional refrigerator, rear seat entertainment system, a "relaxation seat" with heating, massage, and a power-adjustable footrest. What sets the High Security apart is extensive armoring (hot-formed armored steel, polycarbonate-coated multilayer glass, reinforced side sills, aramide fabric), the emergency exit system (which uses charges to blast open the doors), the fire extinguishing system (which douses the wheels, underbody, fuel tank, and engine in flame retardant foam), and an emergency fresh-air system which uses pressured oxygen to ensure passengers can escape chemical and gas attacks. The car is pure Jason Statham; it goes on sale this year, and should be showing in global organized crime hotspots shortly thereafter. Check out the gallery after the jump.