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Dr. Romanelli x A Love Movement - Dr. Love Collection #3

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Dr. Romanelli and A Love Movement is proud to present their third installment of the much sought after Dr. Love collection. The collection spawned as a result of their common love for recycling unwanted clothing and both brands are known for giving clothing their second chance to shine. This is a true one of a kind collection and the first batch of vests are ready to be previewed. Each item is painstakingly redesigned and sewn up to the standards of Dr. Romanelli and it is brought to life thanks to the vintage fabrics and patches that are provided by Tetsuzo from A Love Movement. At the back of the vest, there is a message or a theme of the piece and each neck tag indicates the specific key fabric that was used on the vest.

Bush Hunter

Save Trees

Im So High

Invest Now

Used Navy

Loves California

Go West


Chase Rainbow


Vest Tag

Vest Tag 2

Vest Tag 3