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FACTORY 413 x Supra Skytop II - Kamikaze's Revenge

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Supra been a company that follows no conventional method, even when it names its product. Rather than a sequence in numerical order, it decided to billed the upcoming Skytop II Kamikaze Edition as "Kamikaze's Revenge" instead. In reference to the original Skytop Kamikaze, issued in 2008, the follow-up applied the same full grain leather in red, black suede accents, and faux zebra motifs to the newer Skytop II form. As our comrades at Sneaker News mentioned, the 2008 original was also an update of another collaboration with Brooklyn Projects, thus exemplify the cyclical nature of revenges. A FACTORY 413 exclusive, 413 pairs will be available at the Los Angeles flagship store this Saturday, February 19th.

413 S. Fairfax Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90036
TEL #: 323-936-0290

Release Date: February 19th (Saturday)