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Native Spring/Summer 2011 Video

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native shoes spring summer 2011 photoshoot

The Crocs comparisons have been there from the beginning, but Native Shoes has stuck with it - no doubt helped by the popularity of hiking silhouette Fitzsimmons boot. Native, just off a pretty strong showing at the Compass show last month, is back with a behind-the-scenes video for Spring/Summer 2011 photoshoot. Once again shot by Massachusetts-born New York City-based photographer Tim Barber (who also shot the Native Shoes Fall/Winter video), this seaon's video highlights the light weight and airiness of the shoes - there are cartweels and tumbles and high kicks. Along with fixies and balloons, the video features American Apparel-grade hipster models too, so it's pretty easy on the eyes. Check out some new models and some beautiful models after the jump.