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Signal Snowboards x VANS - Every Third Thursday: VANS Off The Wall Snowboard

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Inspiration comes not only from observable cues, but for the most part, it fashion itself in midst of a process like making a snowboard. On this believe, the creative heads of Signal Snowboards built an one-of-the-kind model, based simply on actual VANS sneakers they wore. Traced, magnified, and cut out, the board is a lamination of several fiberglass and aluminum sheets, all on a flexible bamboo core. For an accurate appearance, the folks at Signal finished the board's top part with VANS' signature checker pattern graphic and waffle sole graphics on the bottom half. To authenticity, they invited Steve Van Doren, son of VANS' founder Paul Van Doren, to the board's official unveiling. One question remains though, is the board ride able? See for yourself on this video after the jump. Enjoy!