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AT&T iPhone VS. Verizon iPhone - Nationwide 3G Speed Test

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To those of us clamoring for the arrival of a CDMA Apple iPhone 4, this bit of news fly against all conventional beliefs. In a recent independent, crowd sourcing-base test by among some 43,000 AT&T Wireless iPhone users and 14,000 of their Verizon Wireless counterparts, it found that AT&T's 3G network, and not Verizon's, was faster. AT&T's customers enjoyed an average of 1,769 Kbps in download rate and 730 Kbps in upload while Verizon can only muster a rate of 848 Kpbs for download, 506 Kpbs for upload. The conclusion, AT&T #G network was roughly 2 times faster than Verizon's. To ensure the legitimacy of its data, users ran the tests multiple times in different locations across the US, all came with similar results. It isn't all doom and gloomy for Verizon iPhone users however. The data did not reveal voice clarity and connectivity. But to echo the sentiment of emo band Weezer, say it ain't so... To test your iPhone's speed, download the free app on the Apple App Store today. via: Wired