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F.C.R.B. Gym Collection

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FCRB GYM Collection

As the focus of F.C.R.B. is to produce apparel that revolves around the fictional soccer team F.C. Real Bristol and it’s Gym line is intended to be worn in and around the gym. Simple black and navy exterior is set off by the leopard print details. The PDK jackets are made purely in polyester material, which quickly dries and repel liquid. On the other hand, the rest of the pieces are made in a blend of polyester and polyurethane materials, also with fast drying properties. Underlayers and tights would be useful for joggers on early mornings and these are available in vivid colors. All of the items will be hitting the SOPH. stores and authorized dealers. Check after the jump for the full preview of the collection.

GYM PDK Jacket

GYM PDK Jacket 2

GYM PDK Half Pants

GYM PDK Half Pants 2


GYM SS Top 2

GYM Shorts

GYM Shorts 2

GYM Underlayer 2

GYM Underlayer

GYM Tights 2

GYM Tights