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BAPE x Original Fake KAWS MILO Dissected COMPANION Toy

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If the Robert Lazzarini inspired COMPANION represented the foray by KAWS into avant garde art with a vinyl toy, the BAPE x OriginalFake Baby Milo Dissected Companion is the street style antithesis. Just as he did with the Lazzarini toy, KAWS used his Facebook page to release images of the dissected Milo. The toy combines two of the preeminent memes in vinyl – the cartoonish BAPE Milo character, and the pseudo-gruesome Dissected COMPANION – with a jarring effect. We’ve seen this mash-up before, on one of the most sought after T-shirts in streetwear, the BAPE x OriginalFake KAWS MILO T-Shirt. In vinyl, the juxtaposition truly pops though, with a very jarring effect. The toy is done in three colorways, which essentially match the “classic” Companion and Milo colorways featured on the t-shirt. Release info is still forthcoming, but clearly a limited release, and an eBay investment. Check out the complete set after the jump, and stay tuned for more information.