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BAPE x OriginalFake – KAWS MILO Collection

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KAWS MILO Collection

KAWS probably would not be where he is today without the presence of BAPE. Their collaborative efforts during the early days of A BATHING APE, before it changed simply to just “BAPE”, helped to set the foundation for future creative processes for the two and others such as toy maker MEDICOM TOY‘s partnership with KAWS on OriginalFake.

Celebrating their friendship in the midst of “complexity”, KAWS’ Companion and BAPE’s Baby Milo work wonders again as they unite for the latest KAWS MILO collection. Unlike the previously released KAWS MILO t-shirts, these are in black and white monotone aesthetic. However, the full zip hoodie comes in both monotone and full color screen prints, much like the tote bags. Last but definitely not least, the KAWS MILO figures will be release together with the apparel items this Saturday, February 26th at OriginalFake and in Japan and BAPE stores. Keen customers should keep in mind that items will only be sold to customers with identification, such as driver’s license or passport, and customers are limited to purchasing one item each.

Release Date: February 26th (Saturday)

KAWS MILO T-Shirt White

KAWS MILO T-Shirt Black

KAWS MILO Hoodie Gray

KAWS MILO Hoodie Black

KAWS MILO Figure Black

KAWS MILO Figure White

KAWS MILO Figure Brown

KAWS MILO Two Tone Tote Bag