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Coachella Conversations Dave 1 & Eric Haze | Video

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Dave 1 x Eric Haze

From the humble beginning as a graffiti writer in NYC, Eric Haze has made tremendous contributions to hip hop culture, street culture, and of course in the art and design fields. A casual dialogue between Dave 1, one half of Chromeo, and Eric Haze can be heard on Coachella website as part of the Coachella Conversations series that leads up to the actual event. Haze casually talks about designs for Def Jam, Tommy Boy, EPMD, LL Cool J and Public Enemy to discussing artworks for the Beastie Boys, the in depth conversation trail blazes his monumental life. On the other hand Dave 1 brings his life experiences into the mix as a participant and influencer of the current movement. Designers and musicians would appreciate the mellow format and the audio is available for downloading along with the full transcript.