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MUG x PORTER – Nylon Backpacks

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Japanese apparel brand Minotaur is responsible for the MUG sub range, consisting of bags and accessories. One of their staple backpacks is the nylon backpack which is produced in conjunction with PORTER. Durable Cordura 820D nylon was selected to construct the majority of the bag and it comes in plain black and woodland camouflage aesthetics. Both models feature the signature silver buckles on each side and cream colored leather paneling on the bottom of the bag. Spacious interior is segmented into various sized compartment for small goods and a laptop. A single double brand woven tag accents the exterior, authenticating the collaboration. via: ARKKABAN

Backpack Camo

Backpack Camo 2

Backpack Camo 3

Backpack Camo 4

Backpack Camo 5

Backpack Camo 6

Backpack Camo 7

Backpack Camo 8

Backpack Black

Backpack Black 2

Backpack Black 3

Backpack Black 4

Backpack Black 5

Backpack Black 6

Backpack Black 7