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Nixon - The Unit | Available Now

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No, these timepieces are not named after the short-lived television series about U.S. Special Forces, though their rugged design makes them quite suitable for some covert operations of your own. The Unit by Nixon takes on their sometime overly expensive counterparts with an affable arrangement to your wallet. Water resistant for up to 100 meters, its polycarbonate bezel and mineral crystal dial face can take a beating as well. A custom digital dial face simplified information access with temperature gauge, dual time zone readouts, countdown timer, and more. The Unit, available in 5 colors, is now for sale at all Nixon retailers worldwide.

Nixon - The Unit

- Water Resistant Up To 100 Meters
- Harden Mineral Glass Dial Face & Polycarbonate Bezel
- Temperature Gauge
- Dual Time
- Count Time Timer
- Chronograph
- Alarm