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BAPE x OriginalFake - KAWS MILO Dissected COMPANION Figures | Release Info

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He's been plastered all over t-shirts, shaped into plush dolls, even became a life-size mascot for a while. Now, he will be going under the knife as artist KAWS surgically remove his innards. This Saturday, February 26th, A Bathing Ape (best known as BAPE), MEDICOM TOY, and KAWS will drop the much sought after KAWS MILO Dissected Companion vinyl figures. In colors brown, monochromatic white and black, the figure depicts a cutaway and exposes the anatomy of Baby Milo himself. To counter the expected slew of customers, KAWS announced that he will be offering the toy figure earlier to coordinate with the release day in Asia. So at Noon EST tomorrow, February 25th, all 3 BAPE x OriginalFake KAWS MILO Dissected Companion will be available for purchase on online store. So bookmark the web page this evening and wait by your computer around tomorrow noon.

*NOTE* The BAPE New York Store WILL NOT be offering the BAPE x OriginalFake - KAWS MILO Dissected Companion Figures as part of its in-store launch this Saturday.

Release Date: February 25th (Tomorrow!) | Noon EST

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