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Marshall Headphones The Marshall Minor | Available Now

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The ethereal guitar rendition of Shine On You Crazy Diamond never sounded this close heaven that is till you've heard through Marshall's new headphones.  After the introduction The Major by the iconic amplifier maker, Marshall followed with the appropriately named The Minor.  Designed accordingly to the tele plug and adjustment knobs found on Marshall Amps, its EarClick function ensures the headphones stay in place without the awkward procedure shoveling them down your ear canals.  Custom fits done with interchangeable pads, the fabric wrapped cord allows you to tune in and get lost in the music for a bit.   And if reality beckons, in the form of a cellphone call, simply click on the remote control.  Then again, "how you wish you were there" with Pink Floyd blasting . The Marshall Minor by Zound Industries is now available at Marshall Headphones online store.






Designed to perfectly replicate the classic tele plug and the knobs found on the Marshall Amps, the Minor is subtle yet really catches the eye. However, it's got more than good looks. The patented EarClick design ensures that the headphones stay secure in your ears, without having to insert them right into your ear canal. Whether you're headbanging or slam dancing, EarClick, together with a cable clip and anti-tangle fabric cord, will keep the Minor in place. Combine this with a superb sound performance, multi-size pads to fit all ears, a microphone and remote control for mobile phones / music players, and you know that the Minor is in it for the long haul.

"There is arguably no piece of equipment that says Rock "N Roll more than the Marshall amplifier...." A lot of over-the-top statements are getting thrown around with the release of the Marshall's first headphone, The Major (which we previewed last month). It's easy to start getting into all the Jimi Hendrix/Eric Clapton/Gods Of Rock history with these, but first some specs: the Taylor is an ear-cup style headphone with a 15.4mm moving coil dynamic speaker, and the phones include a 40-inch extension cable, along with a 6.3mm adapter, for audiophiles who want to use these for at home-listening to a shelf unit. They are foldable for travel, and compatible with all 3.5 / 6.3 mm music players (yes, that includes the iPod). Marshall teamed up with Zound Industries (creators of Urban Ears) for the production, so real headphone-specific expertise is built in. And about that Marshall styling? There's a reason people are talking about it: these headphones have an undeniably unique style. Available from the Marshall Headphones website.