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FEIT Hiker X Ray - Hiking Boots With Transparent Outsoles

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Hike X Ray Ox Blood 5

A common, added touch to sneakers by their designers is the implementation of a clear sole. Now FEIT is taking this same design notion and applying it to their hand crafted boots, Hiker X Ray. Transparent soles expose the bamboo shank, cork footbed and thread weave, all normally hidden from plain view. The unique aesthetic draws attention, and also serves to balance with the super minimalist uppers, created by a single Chrome Excel leathers from Horween in Chicago. Only 40 pairs of the Ox Blood version and 50 pairs of the Black version will be available for order and production will begin on March 24th with delivery planned for April 13th. Orders can be placed directly from the FEIT online shop to secure a pair.

Hike X Ray Ox Blood

Hike X Ray Ox Blood 2

Hike X Ray Ox Blood 3

Hike X Ray Ox Blood 4

Hike X Ray Ox Blood 6

Hike X Ray Black

Hike X Ray Black 2

Hike X Ray Black 3

Hike X Ray Black 4

Hike X Ray Black 5

Hike X Ray Black 6