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PUMA Social Hong Kong | Event Recap

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Puma Social HK 11

Celebrating the athletes of the after hours, PUMA Social launched the Hong Kong event in the evening of Saturday, February 26th. Intimate billiard club, Racks, in the bustling Central District of HK transformed to accommodate the festivities and enthusiastic guests. Competition of the night focused on the pool table and beer pong table, where eager participants showed off their skills. Amongst the party goers, Hong Kong celebrities and street personalities, 24 Herbs, Sam Lee (Subcrew), Charmaine Fong, Lawrence Chou and Jocelyn Luko were present at the event kick starting the competition. As the premium vodka from Belvedere IX flowed and the guests took turns at the games and mingled until the early morning. Visit the PUMA Social website to find out the dates of the next event in your neighborhood.

Puma Social HK 6

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