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Nike Holy Grail - Bowerman Family Unveils Long Lost Waffle Iron

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At best, it looks like a rusted bear trap. But what Melissa Bowerman stumped upon that fateful day was the Holy Grail to one of the world's most successful corporation, Nike. What Ms. Bowerman found in her late father's home was the very waffle iron that revolutionize the way we run, walk, and everything in between. You see, the rusted contraption wasn't just any waffle iron, but the one that created the very first Waffle Sole for Nike. And Melissa's late father was none other than Bill Bowerman, famed University of Oregon track coach and the co-founder of Nike. Once thought gone along with the rest of household trash, at least that's what Barbara Bowerman, Bill's wife, told them. The relic is now promptly on display at Nike's Global Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, along with one of the original "waffle sole" Nike running sneaker, all unveiled last Monday, just 2 days before what was Bill Bowerman's 100th birthday.via: The Oregonian


Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman (Left) and his wife Barbara Bowerman (Right)