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Apple iPad 2 - How Does The iPad 2 Compare To The Tablet Competition?

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Even before most tech reviewers and fans feel out the new Apple iPad 2, graphic artist Kelli Shaver and journalist Christina Warren at Mashable already dished out the nitty gritty on the new tablet and its nearest competitors. While it is a bit difficult to tell who will come out on top in this heated race to become #1 simply on the specs alone. Its quite apparent why Apple pushed out the iPad 2 less than a year after the iPad came out. Its counterparts, the Motorla Xoom and HP TouchPad, both have Dual-Core processors. Both also include cameras and more advance OS. Still, Apple iPad 2 trumps them and many others in 2 areas, its pricing, from the basic $499 to the loaded version at $829, and its Apps, at 65.000 and counting. See the full comparison after the jump below. via: Mashable