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Saucony x Bodega - Spring 2011 Collection

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Saucony x Bodega-Spring-2011-Collection

Saucony have maintained their position as the runner's shoes and have not dabbled heavily into lifestyle aspect, yet the brand proves to be a diamond in a rough as you can see from the Saucony x Bodega Spring 2011 collection. The basics are all there and it only takes few tweaking of the fabrics and colorways to hold its own in the current over-saturated market. Bodega took matters into its own hands by revising four versions of the Shadow 6000 models and a single Jazz91. Complex uppers of the Shadow 6000 is simplified by unifying the tones, fading away the numerous panels. On the contrary, the Jazz91 retains its classic runner aesthetic by using a combination of nylon and leather materials on the uppers. Crooked Tongues currently stocks all of the sneakers on their online store.