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Lark Presents: Rewaxing your Barbour

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rewax a barbour jacket from LARK

Heritage clothing is all well and good, but it really represents a lifestyle - right? Any Williamsburg hipster can dress like a mid-19th century hunter or lumberjack, but for the truly dedicated, heritage garments define your life and your activities. One thing that the dedicated must do is maintain their equipment; in the case of a waxed jacket from Barbour, one of those maintenance tasks is re-waxing seasonally. In an informational pseudo-commercial (albeit one that is beautifully shot, and a bit poignant) Vancouver based retailer Lark informs us about the proper way to refurbish a waxed Barbour jacket. If you follow the video precisely, you'll need a tiny Barbour coat for your dog, a hipster-approved axe, and a beautiful cottage with a fully-finished workshed. Of course, all you really need is the jacket, some Barbour wax, and pot of hot water - but that wouldn't make a great video. It's actually really worth a watch; the technique will be handy for a few people, but the fun cinematography is the real value. Check out the Barbour video from LARK after the jump.