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BBC/Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker

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Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker

Ice Cream is a young label, and one that in a relatively short time has shown an aggressive evolutionary cycle. Under the forward thinking direction of founder Pharrell Williams, the label has evolved from relying on very loud streetwear pieces, to putting out much more mature casual apparel - while managing to artfully retain a bit of the street roots, worked in with subtlety. The Drippy sneaker, released for Spring 2011, is a perfect example: the shoe starts with a classic silhouette evoking a Jack Purcell, with a Japanese cotton upper, and incoporates a nod to Ice Cream's streetwear heritage in the drip overlay on the outsole. Ice Cream has been carving out an larger and larger fanbase in Europe and the UK; BBC and Ice Cream, which were limited until very recently to in-store sales only, are now available for online purchase - fans can pick up the Ice Cream Drippy Sneakers now at end. Check out the detail shots after the jump.

Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker 4
Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker 5

Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker 2

Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker 3

Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker 1
Ice Cream Drippy Sneaker 6