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Acronym SS-11 - Lightest Fastest Deffest Baddest | Short Film

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Acronym SS2011 Video

Errolson Hugh has probably gotten more attention lately for his work on behalf of Stone Island, in designing the Shadow Project capsule collections for the Italian label. But Hugh's own label, Acronym, has continued to release it's very limited collections of elite apparel season after season. Acronym is firmly in the category of brands for whom traditional advertising is of virtually no importance; the garments are created with a fanatical devotion to functionality (incorporating features found on the tactical garments worn by special forces), to technological innovation, and to a futuristic yet streamlined aesthetic - they absolutely create their own demand. Still, short videos have become a mouthpiece for the label's collections and showpiece products. In the past, these have focused on specific products; in more recent seasons, they have followed more stylized storyboards, and have been filmed by Berlin-based filmmaker Ken-Tonio Yamamoto. For Spring/Summer 2011, Acronym is releasing a three-part video at Beinghunted, which features Errolson Hugh in an Akira-meets-Bladerunner like sequence. Video 1 released today, with tomorrow and Thursday seeing the next two videos. Check out the video after the jump, and tune in tomorrow for chapter 2.