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Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot Anti-Fatigue - An Icon, Remastered

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Inspired by the harsh surrounds of Newmark, New Hampshire and the lack of a quality waterproof leather work boot in the marketplace boot maker and owner of the Abington Shoe Company set out to create his own. In 1973 he introduced the first seam-sealed, guaranteed-waterproof 6 Inch Timberland leather boot to the world. The Abington Shoe Company believed so much in their Timberland boot they decided to use the name to embody the entire organization five years later in 1978. In the years since, the boot has become the iconic work boot of the construction industry as well as a pop culture icon seen on the feet of  Hip-Hop artists. Today, the shoe continues to be used in the construction industry and continues to be seen on the feet of Hip-Hop artist as well as consumers young and old the world around.

This coming Fall 2011, we will see this iconic boot remastered. Timberland will introduce anti-fatigue comfort technology to make the classic 6-Inch boot more comfortable than ever. Inspired by and patterned from the floor mats used to prevent fatigue in industrial work spaces where people stand or walk all day, Timberland pioneered, tested and proven the technology in the Timberland PRO series the past several years. The system of molded, inverted cones in the footbed collapse and return energy in key pressure zones to absorb shock and returns energy to keep feet comfortable all day. This remastering is all internal and keeps the iconic classic exactly the same on the outer profile.

A nice package from our friends at Timberland via Team Epiphany was dropped off yesterday for wear tests prior to the Fall 2011 launch. The anti-fatigue technology is immediately felt the minute the foot hits the inner foot bed adding bounce to your every step. Construction men and the fans of the Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot will appreciate the update with their every step. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to Freshness for the update on availability of the Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot with Anti-Fatigue Technology.