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Carmelo Anthony NY T-Shirts

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So the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks' roster hasn't been the immediate shot in the arm fans were hoping for; since putting him on, the Knicks have gone 6-5. Still, the 6-foot-8, 245-pound forward has an offensive game recognized as one of the NBA's best, and fans at Madison Square Garden have reasons to remain optimistic. And Jordan brand is still 100% behind Melo - without a doubt one of the most skilled and exciting athletes in the Jumpman stable. To show the support, the Jordan created a series of four t-shirt designs, each of which references symbols of Melo's past. The shirts, which were announced today on the Jordan Brand Facebook page, along with the official Jordan blog, and will be released this week. Some simple yet strong designs here, with nice symbolism for fans of the Knicks' latest acquisition. Check out all four designs in full after the jump.

Carmelo Anthony NY T-Shirts

Carmelo Anthony NY T-Shirts 1

Carmelo Anthony NY T-Shirts 2

Carmelo Anthony NY T-Shirts 3