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adidas Is All In | Music By Justice

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In what could be the largest marketing drive of its kind for the company with 3 Stripes, adidas will unveil tomorrow its newest global campaign, All adidas. Rather than an idiosyncratic focus on each of its assets, adidas will amalgamate all aspects of its 3 different branches - adidas Performance, adidas Originals, and adidas Sport Style. This will be the most complete look at the brand itself, along with the various facets of adidas' contributions in the obvious (sports) and the not so obvious (music, fashion). As with previous adidas campaign, there will be cameos by Pop Icons Katy Perry, B.O.B, Snoop Dogg to brand ambassadors Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Derrick Rose, pus more within the video's various cutaway. Similarly to what Daft Punk did in adidas Originals Star Wars project, the electronic-synth band Justice will debut their new Civilization single as the campaign's soundtrack. Tune in for more tomorrow.

Justice - Civilization (Video RIP) by stopthenoise