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Ferrari FF Configurator

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ferrari ff configurator

For engaging in some dream car internet fantasy, few things are as good as the configurator. Now fans of the new shooting brake model from Ferrari, the FF, have the opportunity. Unlike the Lamborghini Aventador configurator, which was extremely limited in the options available, Ferrari has made their augmented reality tool fairly complete. Users can choose from a full palette of exterior colors: metallic, non-metallic, "special" colors, and interestingly, a selection of what Ferrari terms "1950's-1960's" colors. A number of other exterior body options are available, including the standard brake caliper color options among other options. On the interior, a variety of finishing options can be combined, with a variety of materials and finishes available for trim. The user interfaces - LCD screens, rev counter colors, etc. - can also be configured. It's a great way to waste time; Ferrari has given the internet fans a nice gift here. Check out some customization shots after the jump, and visit the configurator here.

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