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Adidas Fortitude Mid Clay Camouflage

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adidas_fortitude mid front

The Fortitude Mid, which made it's debut in early 2010, has been redesigned and rereleased for Spring 2011. The shoe represents a very identifiable design trend at Adidas: models which combine elements of hiking boots into sneaker silhouettes - see the ZX800, for a prime example. Not every attempt at this hybridization has been 100% perfect, but the Fortitude Mid - especially in this latest version - represents an interesting harmony. While the 2010 versions were available in a somewhat harsh neon pack, and a love it or hate it black/purple colorway, for this latest iteration, Adidas is offering two less jarring colorways: washed-out blue or clay. The shoe retains it's definitely unique look though - Adidas added in a camouflage ankle collar, and brass hardware, along with the weathered canvas and ripstop upper. Check out both colors of the shoe after the jump; the new Fortitude Mid is available now at Concepts.

Adidas Fortitude Mid Clay Camouflage 1

Adidas Fortitude Mid Clay Camouflage 2