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Air Jordan 2011 Version 2 - Playoff Pack | Preview

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The cues are all quite subtle but any Jordan fans would recognize very quickly the myriad of alterations in this Air Jordan 2011. Following the successive alternatives to LeBron 8 all within the span of an year, Jordan Brand is to follow suite with its variant of Air Jordan 2011. Billed as the Air Jordan 2011 Version 2, the newly designed upper is almost like its predecessor. In fact, the only visible similarity would be its translucent outsole.  Sheathed in synthetic semi-rigid materials, the Air Jordan 2011 V2 seems to take an "all gloves off" approach with its essentials-only, aggressive design.  Its Agent D3 insignia and hint of visible Air Sole unit around the heel all play into the stealthy appearance, as if the sneaker was meant for Storm Shadow.  But with NBA Playoff a month away, perhaps Dwyane Wade will need that silent assailant persona in order to secure another World Championship. via: MarqueeSole