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Please Support Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Effort

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A mark in time not easily forget for many Japanese. Exactly at this time one week ago, one of the most powerful earthquake in recorded history, which since been upgraded from a 8.9 to 9.0 magnitude ripped through northeastern Japan. Though the island nation was well quipped for the seismic phenomenon, it could not have envisioned the scope of destruction and human sufferings from what some journalists called "trifecta of calamities" - earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis. Like previous calamities, Freshness made several sizable donations to assist the ongoing recovery effort in Japan since day 1. However, the needs at times are astounding. So we're asking friends, colleagues and our readers to please contribute. Donate, if you can, to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery Effort at the special website created by Google. For those still searching for their love ones and friends in Japan, Google's person finder database is a helpful resource and starting point. If you're currently in Japan and want to do more, Time Out Tokyo created a list of locations where you can donate blood and/or volunteer. Once again, our sympathies and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.

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