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Google Translate For Android In Response To Crisis In Japan

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The people of Japan weren't the only ones affected by the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake and subsequent tsunami last Friday. In Tokyo, dozens of embassies begin the grim task of listing some 400 foreign nationals as missing. To alleviate distress from ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant and the hundreds of aftershock that still jolt the island nation, volunteers fast track translation of Japan's official earthquake manual to 31 languages for foreigners currently living/working in Japan. Internet search giant Google is also doing its part with the announcement of Google Translate for Android. The free download enable automatic translation of Japanese text into 50+ other languages. Furthermore, a Conversation Mode will offer speech-to-speech translation between Japanese, English, and Spanish. The software is also available as a free Apple iPhone App. For more details, simply visit the links below.

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