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Happy Birthday! Twitter!

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5 years ago today, a person by the name of Jack Dorsey wrote a somewhat cryptic message "inviting co-workers". Demonstrated from the recent disaster in Japan, the ongoing revolutions taking place in the Middle East, to the nescient ramblings from actor Charlie Sheen, the inter-connectivity of our modern world became more apparent this day 5 years ago with those words "inviting co-workers". You see, Jack Dorsey is a software designer, but not just any geek with penchant for coding, Jack Dorsey is the Creator of Twitter and 5 years ago today, he posted the first Twitter message, "inviting co-workers". The idea of Twitter really came to fruition on May 31st, 2000 when Dorsey signed up to social media platform LiveJournal. But wanting an even quicker update, like that of an Instant Messaging made for public, Dorsey started to tweak his idea. After 6 years of retuning and refining his little side project, Dorsey approached Biz Stone and Evan Williams, executives at the now-defunct firm Odeo. Work started on March 13th, 2006. 8 days later, Dorsey published the first Twitter message and the rest as they said is history.via: WIRED