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Stussy x Marvel

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To boost morale at home and abroad during World War II, comic book illustrator Jack Kirby penned an unassuming character by the name of Steve Rogers, an art student from New York's Lower East Side tenement. Wanting to do his part when World War II broke out, Rogers enlisted only to find himself as part of a Super-Soldier Project. Through the duration of the experiment, the once feeble Rogers became Captain America and Jack Kirby's first super hero for Timely Comics, the forerunner to Marvel Comics.

With a new lot of comic book adaptations to films coming out this Summer, including the prescribed Captain America, Marvel Comics effervesced a new partnership with Stussy in the creation of a capsule collection. Harbingering long forgotten comic covers through comic conventions, eBay, comic bookstores, design teams from both collaborators envisaged 2 series: the first with Stussy's own iconic graphics onto these timeless classics, the following series with select artists as contributors, each to add their own childhood memories of what Marvel Comics meant to them. To come in the forms of accessories and t-shirts, the Stussy x Marvel Project will be available starting next month as Stussy online store, Stussy Chapter Stores, and specialty boutiques.

Release Dates:
April 27th (Wednesday) - Series 1
May 6th (Friday) - Series 2