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LightTrac - Light Condition Locator For Outdoor Photography | Apple iPad + iPhone App

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To capture the perfect sunrise over the majestic Yosemite National Park, an acquaintance trekked over 5 hours in the dark to a purported location and waited for another 2 hours for the sun, only to discover the view obscured by some tree line, much to his horror. LightTrac, a app for both iPad and iPhone is a perfect tool to minimize those unforeseen factors. Enmeshed with your geolocation and Google Map on your iPhone/iPad, LightTrac calculate the optimal light conditions along with time and location, minus the weather pattern. This isn't just another complicated sundial, the app will locate sunrise, sunset, and twilight for any day, along with calculation on the moon phases as well, a perfect tool to have when photographing the perigee moon, or Super Moon, phenomenon over last weekend. Downloadable for $4.99 at the Apple iTunes Store