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Canon x SBTG "Parsilia" Camouflage Camera Straps & Protective Wraps

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With the opening of grand hotel/casino, Marina Bay Sands, comes first Art Stage Singapore by former Art Basel director Lorenzo Rudolf.  Now, its setting the stage for the nation's first ever Men's Fashion Week.  As ever the supporter for fashion imagery, camera maker Canon will be introducing its new DSLR, the Canon EOS 1100D (aka EOS Rebel T3), along with a limited edition camera strap and protective wrap designed by SBTG of Royalefam.  The limited edition box set comes in 4 different Parsilia camouflage motifs, each to match the 4 EOS 1100D's colors of black, red, metallic grey, and brown.  As an inauguration for Fashion Week, Canon will also host "Time Of My Life A Visual Retrospective by SBTG", a look back at the creative journey of SBTG set in photographs.  In the meantime, 4 of the special camera strap/protective wrap set will be auction off tomorrow, March 30th, for the disaster relief fund to Japan.

Release Date: March 30th, 2011 (Tomorrow!)